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In the Studio

While the private lesson centers around learning to read and play music, or mastering vocal technique, a variety of percussion instruments and manipulatives are sometimes used to help students learn basic music skills that ultimately aid in sight-reading & presenting their music. 



From the beginning, students are made to feel at ease with their new instrument as they are taught various rhythm exercises on the piano keys, as they begin learning notes.  Most are excited as they can easily begin playing with background music and rhythm tracks at the first lesson.  Students begin learning improvisational skills from the beginning to help develop their innate aural abilities. 


Vocal Students seek instruction for various reasons.  Some just want to increase their strength or range, while others are preparing for an audition for a specific production or pageant, and still others desire to seek a career in music.   No matter the goal, the Studio is prepared to work with each request according to the desired results.

Early Education

Children begin responding to rhythm and music early in their development.  Preschoolers are able to clap and count, sing and move with a basic beat in music.  Our studio has great material to begin this age children on their musical journey.

Basic Rhythm

In the first lessons, students begin to understand note values, long and short.  In the illustration, the student has constructed a 'rhythm caterpillar' in order to tap and count the values of the notes before.  This activity, and many others are used with young students in learning basic rhythm patterns.

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