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Touching the future, one note at a time.

Budding musicians

In some circles it was once thought only school aged children were ready to start piano lessons.  It has been our experience that formal lessons can be successful long before a child becomes school age.   

With our varied methods, preschool aged children can start their journey in formal music training, laying a strong foundation for reading music and enjoying the many aspects of playing an instrument. 


Children will begin by experiencing a variety of percussion instruments, followed by time on the piano bench at their first lesson, as they learn about rhythm, and the geography layout of the piano keyboard.  You will enjoy seeing their progress weekly as we begin laying these basic foundation blocks.

Recital Time
Singing around the world without leaving home.

As we begin with the fundamentals of voice, it is important for the student to be aware of the body's design and working within that design for optimum presentation at their level of physical development.


Working at each level of development, students will be continuing to strengthen the voice through various vocalizations & coordination's.    Students will see progress immediately when following a plan customized to fit their age group, & physical abilities.  Using a synthesis of tried and true methods from Classical to more recent contemporary methods, the Studio covers a variety of vocal styles to develop a student's abilities.


Not only are students given a variety of pieces to learn for their personal development, but are also given opportunities to present at an annual recital, & occasional special Studio music programs. 


In times past, opportunities have been presented where students have submitted their performance to be joined with others whose voices are heard around the world through the viral VIRTUAL CHOIR.   



Along with the opportunities presented to sing outside the studio, students are encouraged to participate in an annual recital.

Due to the number of students now enrolled in lessons, there are multiple presentations with a reception following each event.  Dates for the events are usually held during the spring semester of the school year.

Ready, set, play

Students will enjoy a variety of pieces from the moment they begin using their new lesson material.    They will experience scrolling background music they can play along with immediately.  


A number of other apps will be introduced to help develop their sense of rhythm, note recognition,  technique, and more. Use of technology in the Studio has been found to not only keep lessons interesting and moving along, but have also been proven quite productive by applying new lesson material in fun, skill building activities.

PLEASE check out the links for a demonstration of various Apps & programs offered in our in studio and accessible to the student by clicking on the box below.

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