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    PLAY-A-STORY-Great for         Pre-Schoolers through all                           ages!

Play-a-Story takes you on a journey into the world of music through a beautifully illustrated adventure in storybook form.

Each level creates a new story that enters a different land of exploration while learning the marvelous layout of the piano.  Not only is the story told in word and pictures, it is also told through captivating musical creations, exploring the sounds of harmonic patterns, melodies, rhythm, and weaving them into stunning & creative personal compositions.  

Play-a-story understands the idea we are all profoundly musical, and "it is written into our DNA."  Throughout each adventure, students will not only hear and learn to understand musical language, but inspired to communicate & participate in expressing themselves through music.

So pack your bags and come along on this journey that will open up a whole new world for you and your student.

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