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Classically trained, Mrs. Davis began her education in music at an early age, studying piano and voice privately most of her early years, as well as in public schools.  Also currently involved in adult lessons, taking advantage of workshops, training events, and Online courses.  Most recently, she has been involved in courses offered by Berklee School of Music, and through the University of Edinburgh, as she continues to seek learning opportunities offered from the best studios and instructors around the world remaining faithful to her philosopy "A good teacher is always learning...." 


She has gained a wealth of experience being involved in events, competitions, performances, and productions throughout the past 30 years of teaching.   One of her  most recent experiences was answering a call  for audition & acceptance to appear at Carnegie Hall for a choral production with Grammy winner Eric Whitacre, sponsored by Distinguished Concerts International, New York.   In addition, she is a member of a Northeast Ohio ministry based choral group who ministers to a number of groups needing encouragement, and lends financial support from the sale of their CD's to these endeavors, as well as other outreach inspirational opportunities. 


As a young musician, Mrs. Davis studied in the Chicago area with a well known suburban piano and vocal instructor.   A member of the Illinois Federation of Music Clubs, she and other organization members presented monthly programs to suburban audiences, and competed on a yearly basis in the city of Chicago. 


Competing before a panel of judges and a live audience, each would be rated at their level and given areas in which to focus on for the following year.  The goal was to attain three consecutive superior ratings over a period of three years in order to receive the IFMC Gold Cup award.   Mrs. Davis recalls, "The experience seems so small and long ago now, but in those days that was a monumental achievement for a youngster.    That little gold cup is the only achievement award I display in my studio today."


1976-1987   Relocated to Southern Illinois.   Received an invitation to teach for one of Southern Illinois' leading music companies from 1983-1985.  While launching a part time teaching career, she continued her own private study and education as well.  She and her husband formed a contemporary gospel band in which she performed vocally, and on keyboards.  The group was a youth oriented outreach ministry and they were afforded opportunities to minister in various churches, as well as other functions within the state.


1986  She opened a home studio in order to continue  teaching while caring for their infant son.  


1987-1997  Joined  Jefferson County Home School Association in Illinois,  and was invited to assist in music education classes for the organization.   By this time, she had acquired a number of private students in piano and voice. In addition to those activities, she  continued to direct the choir and act as their church pianist.  


Mrs. D taught  4th-6th graders music and voice classes for three quarters (one per year) at one of the city public schools for their enrichment programs.   Selections were performed for parents and teachers at the close of the course.


1998- 2002 Husband's job took them back to the Chicago area where she continued teaching both piano and voice privately, while working in their local church as the assistant pianist,  the children's and adult choir director, and assisting the praise and worship team.   


2002-Present  Another transfer led the Davis' to Northeast Ohio.   In addition to running her studio, she is

currently the  pianist and music coordinator for her church, and leads the worship and praise group/band

on a weekly basis. 




One of eight soloists chosen for the  VIRAL Eric Whitacre's VIRTUAL CHOIR, the 2013 production of  

"FLY TO PARADISE", (see solo at 3:25-3:26) composed by GRAMMY winner Eric Whitacre, 

this video selection was premiered at the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth's coronation

at Buckingham Palace. (Video presentation can be viewed on YouTube for the Queen's Anniversary


In June 2014, Mrs. Davis prepared 13 students for their video presentations of the Whitacre piece,

"WHAT IF," to be added to the first VIRTUAL YOUTH CHOIR  which premiered at THE COMMONWEALTH

OF GAMES in GLASCOW.   Click on "Play What If" to hear this stunning performance.

Being involved in some form of music education most of her life,  experiences like those mentioned

above, working as an adjudicator for state and other youth competitions,  have all been a part of a richly

laced foundation that she considers a privilege to share with her budding musicians today.

Individual Attention & Custom Program

Group A

Children learn in different ways, therefore each student is given attention and material geared to their learning style.  Many times students are off the bench doing rhythm exercises, or other activities to promote certain lesson objectives.