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Throughout the years we have  experienced some remarkable moments in the Studio and with those we have had the privilege of working with.  These are a few of the most recent highlights.  Check back often to see more.

Carnegie Hall...
Dream Come True
The Future Sounds Good
We set goals;  work hard;  Achieve much;  Then my time with them is over.   I am always amazed by the rapid passing of time.    It seems only yesterday they were children and suddenly they are grown and going out on their own to continue their pursuit for excellence.



LIVE Choral Notes 



  PEACE TOGETHER             RECORDING                     SESSIONS
On her way to Miss Ohio
The Pageant Journey

Band Director and best percussionist ever.

Business Woman & part time Worship Coordinator, Music, Arts, and Youth Director.

  Another Goal for
   Two Remarkable
Such great examples and evidence for setting and reaching goal after goal.



Dr. Joe

Dr. David

 Going for Miss USA

TItantic Memorial


Commonwealth of Games--Glascow "WHAT IF"

60th Anniversary-Queen ELizabeth's Coronation



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